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Contractors’ Questions: Is an annual bonus an IR35 sign I can ignore?

Contractor’s Question: I know it’s not ‘the done thing’ in a client-contractor engagement, but a new customer has just returned after the Christmas break and said they intended last month to give me a ‘festive bonus.’ A ‘one-off payment for excellence as a supplier’ is how I told them I’d prefer to refer to it […]

Posted under General on Mon 22nd January 2018

Contractors warned over new winding-up rules

PSC contractors completing their tax return may be hit by  new rules if they received a distribution on winding up on, or after 6th April 2016 – and remain involved in similar trade. Issuing this alert, the ATT said the rules stop people lowering their tax liability by converting what might otherwise be received as […]

Posted under I.T/Software on Mon 15th January 2018

Techies to net ‘great deal of work’ from chip security crisis

Techies adept at patching systems are the likeliest IT contractors to benefit from the ongoing fallout from two chip vulnerabilities affecting almost all processors as far back as 1995. Disclosed by a US research team, ‘Meltdown’ and ‘Spectre’ offer a window for attackers to steal sensitive data from many devices using many different CPUs and operating […]

Posted under I.T/Software on Thu 11th January 2018

Five IT contract moves that make you look like a newbie

We’re still only in single figures with how many days I’ve been back in the office since the extended festive holiday. But I’ve already lost count of how many times I’ve had to steer IT contractors away from making amateur mistakes in their New Year ‘Job Jump’ To save repeating myself, and mindful of my […]

Posted under I.T/Software on Mon 8th January 2018

How the private sector could manage IR35 reform

It is widely predicted that in time the responsibility for setting the employment status of private sector contractors will be handed to the companies that engage them, similar to recent reform in the public sector. Incorrectly setting contractors’ employment status would leave the private sector company liable for any missing tax. In many respects the […]

Posted under General on Thu 14th December 2017

A Personal Service Company (PSC): all you need to know

What is a PSC, and why does it matter? PSC is the abbreviation used for Personal Service Company. It crops up a lot in HMRC’s manuals, and wider discussions around flexible service provision. The use of PSCs to avoid tax is one of the prime targets of the IR35 legislation, which seeks to ensure that […]

Posted under General on Thu 7th December 2017

Contractors’ Questions: What now my contract’s been found inside IR35?

  Contractor’s Question: I’m new to the country and have been set up as a limited company to work as a contractor. I have recently discovered that the contract I am currently fulfilling is in fact ‘inside’ IR35 (when the whole time I thought it fell ‘outside’). What are my next steps? Expert’s Answer: Whether […]

Posted under General on Mon 4th December 2017

Brexit: the end game contractors could see

  It’s interesting to see that it’s not only us who favours simply carrying on — as you were before – in the immediate aftermath of a potentially far-reaching referendum result. This ‘carrying on’ response is one which those who want change might think is a ‘carry-on’ in the comedic sense. But it’s a response […]

Posted under General on Tue 28th November 2017

Autumn Budget 2017: 10 contractor takeaways

  A vow to consult on extending IR35 reforms to the private sector — following their April launch in the public sector — is the top takeaway for contractors of Autumn Budget 2017. The relevant chapter from the Autumn Budget is reproduced below. Nine other areas of Philip Hammond’s second Budget potentially affecting contractors follow […]

Posted under General on Fri 24th November 2017

Private sector IR35 reform: what if it happens on Wednesday?

From still problematic Universal Credit, to the delayed introduction of Making Tax Digital, and — who could forget — changes to public sector IR35, the government clearly struggles with roll-outs, writes Seb Maley, chief executive of Qdos Contractor. It was even a topic of focus on BBC’s Question Time recently, when a speaker on the […]

Posted under General on Tue 21st November 2017